Get Paintless Dent Repair Work At Our Shop In Billings, MT

Need Car Repairs After a Fender Bender?

Accidents often leave a mark on your car. Chassis Works, Inc. will take care of your collision repair as quickly as possible. When you visit our auto body shop in Billings, Montana, our technicians will look at your vehicle and give you a quote for the repairs. We can also work with your insurance company to file a claim.

Get a free paintless dent repair estimate by visiting us today.

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We can handle any kind of paintless dent repair

The body of your vehicle is just as important as its engine. After a collision, you need to restore your vehicle's frame and take care of any dents or scratches.

Chassis Works offers paintless dent repair options for any type of accident, including...

  • Fender benders.
  • Deer collisions.
  • Weather-related damage.

Did a rough hailstorm leave dents in the hood of your car? Did someone rear-end you at a stoplight? Bring your vehicle in for a collision repair today. We offer free estimates on all our services.